The Ethics Minor is the perfect minor to pair with any major! Learn about values and how to apply theories of ethics to make decisions in different fields of practice. You can choose from a wide range of courses relevant to your interests and career plans.

  • Infuse your studies with ethics: Study what is meaningful to you and learn how to think about ethical issues that come up in your major.
  • Develop your communication and critical thinking skills: Sharpen your reasoning, analysis, and problem-solving skills. Learn to communicate your ideas effectively, and to engage in constructive dialogue about complex issues. These skills are vital for careers in science, engineering, business, medicine, law, education, and more.
  • Make a difference in the world: 15 credits to explore how you can help contribute to solving societal, professional, and personal challenges of today.

The minor provides flexibility to study what matters to you. To start your minor, first choose a foundational ethics course, either PHIL 230 or PHIL 330. Next, select 2 additional courses from a list of more than 10 core ethics courses. Finally, choose 2 ethics electives, offered by departments across ISU, to complement your major and your interests! See the Ethics Minor in the ISU catalog for the detailed program requirements, or talk to an advisor.