William S. Robinson

Professor Emeritus



Research Areas

Philosophy of Mind in all its aspects—consciousness, intentionality, pleasure, Gödelian arguments, cognitive phenomenology, etc.


PhD Indiana University (1966)
BA Yale University (1962)

Courses Taught

Introduction to Philosophy
Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Anglo-American Philosophy
Brains, Minds, and Computers

Selected Publications

Epiphenomenal Mind: An Integrated Outlook on Sensations, Beliefs, and Pleasure (New York and London: Routledge, 2019).

“Red is the Hardest Problem”, Topoi 36(1):5-16 (2017). Accessible here.

“Hidden Nature Physicalism”, The Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 7(1):71-89 (2016).

Complete publication list and other information is in the About Me section of my website, http://yourbrainandyou.com. Several blog posts are in the Blog section of that site, and information about Your Brain and You, the book, is on the Home page.