Kenneth E. Hobson


Dept:Philosophy & Religious Studies


I have been Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Iowa State University since Fall 2008, after receiving my PhD in Philosophy from the University of Iowa in Spring 2008. I am primarily interested in epistemology and philosophy of perception. I am also interested in various issues in moral philosophy (especially the objectivity of moral properties and natural law conceptions of human good), metaphysics (properties, identity), philosophy of religion, and philosophy of mind.

Research Areas

Epistemology; Philosophy of Perception; Moral Philosophy (Metaethics, Well-Being)


PhD University of Iowa (2008)

Courses Taught

Moral Theory and Practice
Introduction to Philosophy
Belief, Truth and Reason

Selected Publications

"In defense of relational direct realism," European Journal of Philosophy 21 (2013): 550-574.

"Foundational beliefs and the structure of justification," Synthese 64 (2008): 117-139.