Jonathan Y. Tsou


Dept:Philosophy & Religious Studies
Office:429 Catt
2224 Osborn Dr.
Ames IA

Research Areas

Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Psychiatry; Philosophy of Cognitive Science/Mind; History of 20th Century Analytic Philosophy


PhD University of Chicago (2008)
MA University of Western Ontario (2001)
BA Simon Fraser University (2000)

Courses Taught

Philosophy of Technology
Philosophy of Science
Introduction to Philosophy

Selected Publications

Edited Book
(2015). Objectivity in Science: New Perspectives from Science and Technology Studies, eds. Flavia Padovani, Alan Richardson, and Jonathan Y. Tsou (Springer)

Journal Articles
(2012). “Intervention, Causal Reasoning, and the Neurobiology of Mental Disorders: Pharmacological Drugs as Experimental Instruments.” Studies in History and Philosophy of Science, Part C 43(2): 542-551.

(2010). “Putnam’s Account of Apriority: Its Historical and Contemporary Interest.” Synthese 176(3): 429-445.

(2007). “Hacking on the Looping Effects of Psychiatric Classifications: What is an Interactive and Indifferent Kind?” International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 21(3): 329-344.

(2003). “The Justification of Concepts in Carnap’s Aufbau.” Philosophy of Science 70(4): 573—598.

Book Chapters
(2015). “Reconsidering the Carnap-Kuhn Connection.” Kuhn’s Structure of Scientific Revolutions – 50 Years On, ed. William J. Devlin and Alisa Bokulich (Springer).

(2015). “DSM-5 and Psychiatry’s Second Revolution: Descriptive vs. Theoretical Approaches to Psychiatric Classification.” The DSM-5 in Perspective: Philosophical Reflections on the Psychiatric Babel, ed. Steeves Demazeux and Patrick Singy (Springer).

Professional Activity

Member, American Philosophical Association (APA) Committee on Asian and Asian-American Philosophers and Philosophies (2014-2017)