Take a glimpse into the world of the unknown! Expand your knowledge about diverse religions and ways of thinking with a degree in religious studies. You will have the opportunity to design your path in a way that most sparks your interest. Learn about life’s big questions, the nature of religion, as well as the wide range of human ideas, practices, and motivations!

  • The secret ingredient: Learn the skills that all employers are hunting for. Religious studies teach “hard skills” of writing, reading, and conducting organized research and “soft skills” like communication, learning to adapt to new environments, and understanding diverse backgrounds.
  • Religion beyond religion: Experience religion from any perspective, whether you are religious or not, and learn about how religion shapes our everyday lives.
  • Beyond the now: Religious studies majors typically score better on their graduate school tests than those who are not in the humanities.
  • Adding on? Religious studies as a second major adds depths and breadth to any degree and helps deepen your understanding of the world around you. One thing is for sure, religion is everywhere, even in your workplace.

The religious studies major has a structured program to help you graduate on time while following your interests. Religious studies majors are required to take one of two introductory courses and five 300- and 400-level expanded learning courses. In total, the religious studies major requires 27 credits to graduate. See the Religious Studies Major in the ISU catalog for the detailed program requirements, or talk to an advisor.