The philosophy minor is a perfect addition to your degree at Iowa State. Learn analytical reasoning skills, how to effectively communicate, critical thinking, and language skills. You can tailor your major to fit your needs with a wide variety of offered courses!

  • Learn how to think deeply: Engage with fundamental ideas that will challenge you to become a more independent thinker and teach you how to communicate effectively with others.
  • Use your brain to fund your bank: Those who study philosophy score high on the LSAT, GRE, and GMAT. Skills learned in the minor will help you find better jobs.
  • Interesting and rewarding: Study life’s most interesting questions alongside a committed team of faculty and students.
  • Short and sweet: with only a 15 credit requirement, this minor will teach you skills that you can use in all other areas of your life.

This minor provides you with flexibility! The minor requires 15 credits, 9 of which must be at the 300+ level. 9 of these credits may not be used to reach any other department, college, or university requirement. See the Philosophy Minor in the ISU catalog for the detailed program requirements, or talk to an advisor.