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Sandy Goldberg

The 2015-16 Philosopher in Residence is Sandy Goldberg (Northwestern University) October 8, 2015: “The Asymmetry Thesis and the Doctrine of Normative Defeat” October 9, 2015: ““When Asserting That p Improves the Speaker’s Epistemic Position (and How That Possibility Might Be a Bad Thing)”

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Socrates Scholarship

The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies offers an annual prize for the best philosophical paper written by an Iowa State student.

CATEGORIES: Legacy Awards

Dorothy Scholarship

In honor of Dorothy Jane Center, and her great granddaughter Dorothy Anne St. Claire. Dorothy Jane’s Puritan ancestors arrived in Boston in the 1620s and 1630s in order to practice their religion freely. Dorothy Anne is a bright, independent music lover with a skilled photographer’s eye. The inspiration of both of these women to delve deep and question reality, question existence, and question if there is a God, has led to the foundation of this scholarship.

Rottler Scholarship

Joan (JoDee) Rottler was an instructor of Religious Sudies at Iowa State University from 1987 to 1998. This scholarship has been established in her honor as a tribute to her love of learning and passion for teaching.

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Ethics of Debt Symposium: Travel, Transportation, and Lodging Information

Ethics of Debt Symposium (September 25-26, 2015) As you plan your travel, please note that the conference will open with an early evening session on Friday, September 25th and conclude on the evening of Saturday, the 26th. Also note that there is no registration fee; an email confirmation of your intent to attend will serve … Continue reading Ethics of Debt Symposium: Travel, Transportation, and Lodging Information


Ethics of Debt

This conference will create a unique forum for discussing the ethics of debt by bringing together scholars from across the disciplines.
September 25-26, 2015.


Iowa Philosophical Society

Iowa Philosophical Society Conference, hosted by Iowa State University November 15, 2014 Keynote speaker: Roy Sorensen (Washington University in St. Louis), “Other-centric Reasoning”


Jessica Wilson

Jessica Wilson (University of Toronto) November 7, 2014: “Are There Indeterminate States of Affairs?”


James Broucek

James Broucek (Iowa State University) October 23, 2014: “Thinking About Religion Before ‘Religion’”


Robert Cargill

Robert Cargill (University of Iowa) October 21, 2014: “Archaeology and the Digital Humanities: Recent Advances and the Future of the Field”